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Mizoram Assembly Election Results (constituency Wise)


Mizoram has following assembly constituencies towards vidhan sabha elections, we have listed down the election results for each assembly seat in MizoramHachhek (ST), Lengteng (ST), Dampa (ST), Mamit, Mamit (ST), Champhai, Champhai (ST), Champhai North (ST), Tuirial (ST), Champhai South (ST), Kolasib, Kolasib (ST), East Tuipui (ST), Serlui (ST), Serchhip, Serchhip (ST), Tuichang (ST), Hrangturzo (ST), Tawi (ST), Aizawl North (ST), Aizawl North, Aizawl North-I (ST), Lunglei North (ST), Aizawl North-II (ST), Lunglei East (ST), Aizawl North-III (ST), Lunglei West (ST), Aizawl East, Aizawl East-I (ST), Aizawl East-I, Lunglei, Lunglei (ST), Lunglei South, Lunglei South (ST), Aizawl East-II (ST), Thorang (ST), Aizawl West (ST), Aizawl West, Aizawl West-I (ST), West Tuipui (ST), Aizawl West-II (ST), Tuichawng (ST), Aizawl West-III (ST), Aizawl South, Aizawl South-I (ST), Lawngtlai East (ST), Aizawl South-II (ST), Saiha, Saiha (ST), Aizawl South-III (ST), Palak (ST),