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Aizawl assembly constituencies list, Vidhan Sabha seats

List of Assembly Constituciency in AIZAWL , MIZORAM

1. Chalfilh (ST)          2. Tawi (ST)          3. Aizawl North I (ST)          4. Aizawl North Ii (ST)          5. Aizawl North Iii (ST)          6. Aizawl East I          7. Aizawl East Ii (ST)          8. Aizawl West I (ST)          9. Aizawl West Ii (ST)          10. Aizawl West Iii (ST)          11. Aizawl South I (ST)          12. Aizawl South Ii (ST)          13. Aizawl South Iii (ST)         

The list of assembly constituencies are listed above for the district Aizawl , in the state of . In Aizawl district, there are 13 assembly constituencies in total. Number of reserved assembly constituencies are 7. Mostly the reserved Seats allocated for SC , ST and other community. Number of reserved seats for Schedued caste in Aizawl is 0 and for ST is 7 seats. No.of vidhan sabha seats under General category is 6.

District Name : Aizawl

No. of Seats in General Category - 6
No. of Seats for reserved for SC - 0
No. of seats reserved for ST - 7
Total no.of Seats - 13


Know Who is MLA ?

MLA is a Member of legislative Assembly, who is the elected representative to the legislature of State government. MLA is elected by the voters from the respective electoral constituency for the period of 5 Years.

Know Who is MP ( Loksabha) ?

MP ( Loksabha ) is a Member of Parliament, who is elected by the people of their constituencies through the electoral voting process for the period of 5 years. These MP's will exercise their duties in Loksabha ( House of the People ) !

Know Who is MP ( Rajya Sabha ) ?

MP ( Rajya sabha ) is a Member of Parliment, who is elected by the MLAs ( From State Legislative Assembly) for the period up to 6 Years. These MP's will deliver their service in Rajya Sabha / Counsel of States.