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Puducherry assembly constituencies list, Vidhan Sabha seats

List of Assembly Constituciency in PUDUCHERRY , PUDUCHERRY

1. Thirubhuvanai (SC)          2. Oussudu (SC)          3. Mangalam          4. Villianur          5. Ozhukarai          6. Kadirgamam          7. Indira Nagar          8. Thattanchavady          9. Kamraj Nagar          10. Lawspet          11. Kalapet          12. Muthialpet          13. Raj Bhavan          14. Oupalam          15. Orleampeth          16. Nellithope          17. Mudaliarpet          18. Ariankuppam          19. Manavely          20. Embalam (SC)          21. Nettapakkam (SC)          22. Bahour         

The list of assembly constituencies are listed above for the district Puducherry , in the state of . In Puducherry district, there are 22 assembly constituencies in total. Number of reserved assembly constituencies are 0. Mostly the reserved Seats allocated for SC , ST and other community. Number of reserved seats for Schedued caste in Puducherry is 4 and for ST is 0 seats. No.of vidhan sabha seats under General category is 18.

District Name : Puducherry

No. of Seats in General Category - 18
No. of Seats for reserved for SC - 4
No. of seats reserved for ST - 0
Total no.of Seats - 22


Know Who is MLA ?

MLA is a Member of legislative Assembly, who is the elected representative to the legislature of State government. MLA is elected by the voters from the respective electoral constituency for the period of 5 Years.

Know Who is MP ( Loksabha) ?

MP ( Loksabha ) is a Member of Parliament, who is elected by the people of their constituencies through the electoral voting process for the period of 5 years. These MP's will exercise their duties in Loksabha ( House of the People ) !

Know Who is MP ( Rajya Sabha ) ?

MP ( Rajya sabha ) is a Member of Parliment, who is elected by the MLAs ( From State Legislative Assembly) for the period up to 6 Years. These MP's will deliver their service in Rajya Sabha / Counsel of States.